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A truly ancient and authentic wine by Zagreus Winery in Bulgaria


Bulgaria, a land with ancient culture, traditions, customs, history, myths and legends, all related to wine – the drink of the gods. A legend tells of Zagreus - a Thracian god of joy, wine and extasy, who is later known as Dionysus.

Zeus fell in love with Persephone – the goddess of the earth and their love created Zagreus. He was the youngest and most perfect of the gods. The jealous Hera hated him and wanted to kill him, but Zeus ordered the nymphs of Apollo to guard the child. Still, the clever Hera discovered the child and used the titans to kidnap him. Attacked by the Titans, Zagreus began to run. During the persecution, he transformed a few times, but at the end the Titans broke him into seven pieces. Apollo gathered the seven pieces and took them to the goddess Demetra. She glued them together and revived Zagreus for a new life.

And just like the Thracian god of wine Zagreus was reborn for a new life, Kostadinovi family have recovered and revived their hereditary lands and in 2004 lay the foundations of Zagreus Winery.

The roots of the Kostadinovi family are from the village of Vinitsa, near the winery. In 1999, Yordan Kostadinov, together with his father Dimitar Kostadinov, began to rebuild and expand the family vineyards located in the “Old Vineyards” area, and then the idea of ​​Zagreus Winery was born. Up to this date their son and grandson Dimitar Kostadinov Jr is the one who runs the company.

Situated in one of the most favourable soil-climatic areas of Bulgaria – the Upper Thracian Plain around Plovdiv, Zagreus Winery has 130 hectares of vineyards, which include the varieties Mavrud, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. And for those who believe in the unity of man and nature, all vineyards are strictly grown according to the EU norms of organic production.

Zagreus Winery is a modern complex with a complete production cycle, beginning with the grapes and finishing with the wine in a bottle. The main mission of the winery is to preserve and work with the oldest Bulgarian grape variety – Mavrud. Their most successful wine from Mavrud is VINICA – made of dried grapes. It was awarded Bulgaria’s best wine for 2016 and several harvests of this wine are recognized as one of the best wines of the grape variety Mavrud.


Kostadinovi Family:

From our favourite Mavrud three of our emblematic wines are produced: Tiara White Mavrud Bio, Tiara Mavrud Rose Bio, Tiara Mavrud Bio.For the lovers of dessert wines we offer our treasure – Noble Mavrud, a naturally sweet wine. To preserve the Bulgarian traditions and with respect for our roots, we created the Reserve serie. These wines express the power of the fruit and, at the same time, the character of the Bulgarian oak barriques, in which the wine matures for twelve months. The wines of this series are: Cuvee Reserve, Mavrud Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and Syrah Reserve.

Our philosophy in the Single Vineyard wines is to emphasize the terroir and the grape variety without using oak barrels. The wines are produced from selected vineyards, the grapes are harvested manually, with a very strict selection of the raw material. The Single Vineyard wines are: Merlot Old Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon Yaldzhik and Syrah Kotkini Mogili.


If you want to become a part of the magic of wine making, together to seek the truth in the wine and to share with us your passion and love for this drink, you are welcome to our winery for a sweet chat combined with quality Bulgarian wine and traditional home appetizers.


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